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I Survived pcs...please dont send your child there

I am a former student of pcs and i left last week. My father committed suicide in july 2004 and my mom put me at pcs because I started smoking pot. Pcs is Not a thereputic enviornment, and they are extremely verbaly and physically abusive. they pushed their mormon reliogion on me and the staff are all young mormons just out of colllege who wanted an easy job. pcs is bull**** please if you love your child dont send them there no one no matter how many struggles they have been through should have to go through the neglect pain and abuse they put every child who attends through

Re: I Survived pcs...please dont send your child there

Please note: most PCS staff are NOT "just out of college", because most of them were never in college! This is an important fact that all should be aware of. It is not required for the PCS unit staff to have any sort of higher education. If you go to their website, they USED TO have job descriptions there, and under job listing for unit staff, it would say "College preferred" PREFERRED! Now that this has been noticed and pointed out, PCS has taken job descriptions off of their site. Most of the staff have little or no college education. Which means, in a legal and social sense, they are not actually "professionals", they are "unliscensed personel". They don't have any sort of knowledge base or theory to draw upon when working with these kids. This doesn't just render then unqualified, it may actually be detrimental to the child's treatment, even dangerous.

Re: Re: I Survived pcs...please dont send your child there

just woundering did you ever go to pcs?

Re: Re: Re: I Survived pcs...please dont send your child there

Yes, I was at PCS, in the early 90's. My parents were manipulated and lied to by PCS, which they now attest to. I was there for approx. a year and a half. I now suffer from post-tramatic stress disorder. I am also a college graduate (and a registered nurse). I live in Washington, D.C.

Re: Re: Re: Re: I Survived pcs...please dont send your child there

cool i got out of pcs three weeks ago i have ptsd also and i just moved to a new boarding school in baltimore called st. tims its okay but i still want to go home just a question why have u stayed so involoved in this site you have been out a long time i was just curious write me back

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I Survived pcs...please dont send your child there

When I got out of PCS, there really was no internet. For years, I suffered from anxiety, nightmares, ect... and really didn't know why. One night, I was talking to an older friend (she was 36, I was 19). I had sort of an "episode", something triggered thoughts of PCS-trauma. She asked me what had me so upset, and I told her I wasn't really sure. I told her that I had been sent to this reformatory school, and that I became really upset whenever I thought about it. She wanted to know more- I told her about the "program" at PCS, and the staff, and the things that happened there. She was absoluteley appalled, and spelled it out for me- I did NOT deserve to go through what I went through there, in fact, NO child deserves that, and it was ABUSE. Well, her saying that validated all the symptoms I had been having for 3 or 4 years. Oh yeah, I was wondering why I had so many terrible nightmares about being back at that place! I then saw a therapist, who diagnosed me with PTSD. I was in college, spent a few years studying psychology and social sciences, then went into nursing and became an rn. The more I learned in school, the more I realized how f*&^%$ up PCS is (including but not limited to the program and the staff, and a bunch of other things about it as well). So you see, I have a social and professional responsibility to expose and report such abuse.
By the way, I also went to a boarding school after PCS. It was a very nice school, but I also wanted to be home. Is the school you are at, St. Tims, is that a normal boarding school?? If it is, I would recommend you stay there and enjoy, because you have years and years after high school to go wherever you like. Anyway, why did you get sent to PCS?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I Survived pcs...please dont send your child there

My son went to Provo. I didn't have any idea about all that is being said here. They sold me.

My son and I just got done discussed much of this tonight. I desided to do research and see what else I could find on the school. I am appalled.

My son went fromMar 1999-Dec. 2000

So what can be done?? To the Megan how are you coping with PTSD. I think my son may have this too. Nightmare's, lose of memorys from when he was there etc.

Does anyone remember Larry Winn counsolor- he was there at the time?? Any thoughts on him?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: I Survived pcs...please dont send your child there

Lary Winn was a horrible mean crude degrading little man. I highly disliked him. He turned my whole caseload on me and encouraged them all to bash me while I was still only a few weeks new there and my actual therapist was out and he was covering for her. *******.

Re: I Survived pcs...please dont send your child there

You might add that the kids spend more than 90% of there time with these unlicensed staff. Many of those who have been abused were abused by these people. Most often the night crew. This teen industry attracts perverts and sadists.

Re: I Survived pcs...please dont send your child there

ahhhh omg lexi!!!! Its Jamie. i miss u. I agree dont send ur kids to provo. Its all about brainwashing the kids and taking your money. I left about 2 1/2 months ago. I was only there for 2 months. thank god! that place is horrible and it only makes your kids more depressed

Re: I Survived pcs...please dont send your child there

My child also had Larry Winn as a counselor. He's probably the worst I've ever seen in my entire life. Evedn though at first he seems warm and nurturing. He's one reason we no longer have faith in the psych industry. I could go on and on - I'd be happy to e-mail you. Best regards -