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Decorating Children's Rooms

Lets get Creative and turn those rooms into works of art!!

Decorating Children's Rooms
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Re: Vintage chic style decorating ideas

Hello Friends,

Vintage trunks add a touch of sensational to any room in your home. Perfect for storing items, while also creating an eclectic look. Use it for a coffee table or a side table in your bedroom. You can find vintage trunks in various places, such as your local antique stores, ebay, Craigslist or yard sales.
Window sashes are fantastic to work with. You can find vintage window sashes at local antique stores, yard sales, and if you’re lucky, on the side of the road. Make them your own with a fresh coat of paint and by adding your photos into the window panes. Easy to add to any existing decor and never goes out of style.

Thanks and Regards,
William Hayden