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Decorating Children's Rooms

Lets get Creative and turn those rooms into works of art!!

Decorating Children's Rooms
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Thank you

I would like to thank you for all the dream you're giving to me.
I'm a french girl (I'm 18)
I discovered your website last year and since that, I like to come back and visit it from time to time.
I'm pretty sad that no french website as yours exist.
But that is no problem for me as I understand english pretty well (I went in Arizona for 10 months last year).
Anyway, I would like to thank you for the work you're doing. Hope this website will have a great long lifetime.
When I will have money to do so, I will buy an old house. I will "rebuild" it and make it great. I would like all the rooms as themed rooms. I will come to your website to find idea. and then, when my room will be done (in a long time !!lol!!!) I will send pictures for you to add to your website if you want to...
ah, ... I'm happy I wrote you.
And thank you again.

Re: Thank you

Hi Manon, THANK YOU for such lovely words!!

Am very happy to hear you enjoy visiting....and hopefully my site will still be around when you buy your house and do those themed bedrooms.....would love to see the pictures.

will try it in french for you ... hehehehe

Sont très heureux de vous entendre apprécier visiter .... et avec optimisme mon site sera toujours autour de quand vous achetez votre maison et faites ces chambres à coucher themed ..... aimeraient voir les peintures.

la décoration heureuse et thankyou pour la visite