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Tax Deductions
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Healthcare Premium Tax Deduction

My wife was let go from work this year and 3 months ago, her COBRA started - subsidized the first few months by her company (she had to pay just her employee share as if she was working). We are now going to have the cost shift 100% to us (monthly $1850 premium).

We have 2 baby boys at home too. The question is - should I purchase a plan through my business for the family and drop the cobra??? Is that the only way to get a business deduction??

I don't have any other employment, nor does she, where we would get subsidized healthcare, and this is our only current insurance ...

I figure the financial decision may depend on actual cost to an extent - but if my COBRA deduction is limited to the 10% rule and I can't deduct before I spend 10% of income, then it may be a LARGE difference in tax deduction as I can deduct (I understand) 100% of all health premium if I buy through my single member LLC?? If I am understanding that right, then I also wanted to know how to 'link' the purchase of insurance to my private practice single member LLC so it's a "legitimate" business/tax deduction for me and my family.

If I can write off our payments to COBRA through my private practice LLC, that is the ideal situation - but it's my wife's, not "mine" - I was a dependent and would still be one on the plan if it remains as structured.

Actually, I'm even finding better rates on the marketplace/exchange of the healthcare govt site.

Thanks in advance!

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