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Concerning Provo Canyon School

I was put in Provo Canyon School by my parents in 1975. The abuse I was treated to was beyond anything many could believe. I am surprised the place is still in operation. Lets see here where do I start. A method to reduce energy by us boys was to stand for 300 hours this was called orientation. If you happened to survive this and believe me it was hard, since if you moved even for a fraction of an inch you were sat down only to start the same 300 hours the next night. If you misbehaved in any manner you were put on what they called the plan. What plan? I had my hair pulled out of my head, was beaton and nearly sexually abused. I was contacted once to testify in a suit brought against the school but was doing my duty in the Marines so could not be there. Should you want a true picture of the place do not hessitate to contact me I could give you names of many that were hurt there, as well as the names of staff members. The only way I got out was contacting my parents through a cb radio that a construction worker there had in his truck, the one time I was allowed to be outside.
Col. Patrick G Montgomery