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Re: Re: The Tragedy of Robert Houston's Life

do i detect that you are blaming the victim for her own murder? it is time for you to move on and heal, as you indicate by your website.
i hope you put this much energy in the rest of your efforts in life.

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Replying to:

No news stories I have found specify at which home for "troubled teens" Robert Houston was imprisoned. HEAL has contacted the lawyers on file representing Houston, but, have not received a response. As UT is beyond corrupt, I have no doubt that Houston was tormented and tortured at the facility where he was kept. My research into UT's Dept. of Licensing, Child Protective Services, and Law Enforcement repeatedly evidence the cover-up of gross abuse, wrongful death, and more. We have been notified regarding African American teens being terrorized by staff dressed as Klan members. This is enough to spark a psychotic break. Add to this behavior by staff the sleep deprivation, punitive drugging, coercive and punitive physical punishment, unwarranted restraints, food deprivation, and deprivation of contact with peers and the outside world and one can see how Robert's acts were inevitable. If not by him, someone else. If not her, some other staff at some other program. What I note is that even in your remembrance of her you highlight that she was barely 20-years old. She had no experience, no degree, and little education (if any) regarding adolescent psychology and developmental psychology. She was, as you note, a "Criminal Justice" major. It appears that she was working on her AA, perhaps BA. But, a 20-year old, with no experience, and no training in adolescent psychology or behavior, had no business to be in an authority position over someone 3 years (or less) her junior. This exemplifies the irresponsibility of "troubled teen" programs. They hire inexperienced, uneducated, easily manipulated, naive, and often power hungry teens/young adults to "counsel" teens who, according to common belief, have extreme behavioral and psychological disorders. From experience, I know many of the teens subjected to such treatment have nothing more than neglectful, narcissistic, and/or lazy parents. Some are being used as weapons in divorce/custody wars. I can also say that no child or teen should be separated from their family and community, sent abroad or out of their home state, and trusted to the care of unqualified, uneducated, and often cruel and sadistic strangers who wish to enslave them, body, mind, and soul. If you put yourself in Robert Houston's shoes for one day, you may have a glimpse of the misery and desperation that sparked such a shocking reaction. Perhaps in her honor, you can devote yourself to regulating the "teen help" industry. Devote yourself to closing down programs that torture, enslave, and murder American children. And, become part of the safeguard for youth that will aid greatly in preventing psychotic breaks, violent reactions, and deaths of those you love.

Re: Re: Re: The Tragedy of Robert Houston's Life

Dear Deidre,

You have misunderstood my reply. But, being that you work in the "teen help" industry, it isn't surprising that direct and honest expressions elude your consciousness.

I blame the corrupt state of UT, the cover-up for abuse and torture in residential treatment, and YHA for hiring an undeducated and untrained youth to oversee and have authority over a so-called "disturbed" youth. Obviously, both Houston and the girl are victims of an unscrupulous, greed-driven industry.

So,I guess that should suffice as an answer. Don't you think?