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Re: Re: Larry Wynn

I was there back in 93 with girls like Megan and Angela and I agree that place is no treatment center it's more of a girls home or a mini jail. And yeah you were treat like **** if you didn't do what they said. I remember that girl that got high on her homevisit and came back unable to talk, she was punished but I also found out or hear (may be wrong) that Larry Wynn has something funny going on with her but I'm not sure, I remember Laura Burke who was extremely sucidal, after she left she did it and all that punishment and got her no where but 6 feet under. The other thing is after I left pcs I was worse and moved out and I have been on my own since and got in to drugs sex and all that stuff but as I grew but I stoped by myself cuz I matured and got over all the teenstuff now Im 28 with 3 beautiful boys including twins, unfortunetly things didn't work out for the father and I so we have joined custody butI am now living with my current boyfriend we just bought a house, I'm not rich but I'm comfortable and expecting again hoping for the girl this time both me and my man have only boys so we want to have the girl together.So basically kids don't always need places like this they just need to grow up a little and they will be fine . I did all the teen things to the extreme because i was taken from it at pcs. so I got out and went buck wild. Well I got to go if you know me email me (megan that means you too, I miss you dude) at

Re: Re: Re: Larry Wynn Hey Tatiana

Hey you. I posted about the girl who overdosed in a different post. Not only could she not talk, but she was loosing her hair and her tounge was swollen. I think she had a stroke, but she did not get any medical attention for that. She only got punished.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Larry Wynn Hey Tatiana

You're right Angie... she probably did have a stroke. She probably did so much speed that her blood pressure went up through the roof and she had a stroke. Man, that is soooo f*cked up! She was never even checked out by a doctor, let alone taken for MRI and Ct scan, and all the other tests she should have had. She should have been take to the emergency room, where they would have admitted her as an inpatient for a few days (to do tests, ect...) She should have had a "swallow test", since her tongue was paralized, to make sure her swallow and gag reflexes were intact. She also should have been in speech therapy, which of course she never received. She was only punished... severely punished.

I wonder if her tongue is still paralized.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Larry Wynn Hey Tatiana

I really hope she is ok. She was such a smart and pretty girl. She lost almost all of her hair, and she could not speak for so long. I could not imagine how bad she felt about herself. Megan you always try to convince me how horrible PCS is, and I kind of stand up for the staff there; however, now that I remember this incident, I realize you are right. I cannot believe they did that to this poor girl. I could not even imagine how horrible it would be to suffer that and almost die, and then be so severely punished. I really hope that they shut that place down.
People may not believe this story, but we know two other girls that can come and vouch for this story, and about another girl Kelly that broke her jaw while standing IPS. They can also vouch for how sick Jessica got from being in time out so much, and how the ignorant and racist staff tortured Tyesha every single day. How they made fun of her to her face and to other girls.
They can also vouch for how they treated Laura Burke who had a drug problem and a severe depression problem. Laura may have even had a personality disorder. Now she is dead. What if she had real drug counseling instead of PCS milking the money out of her. For those who don't know, Laura died of a heroin overdose. Maybe if she had drug counseling and treatment for her problems instead of being tortured for her illnesses she may have lived. That is the problem with that place. No one gets help there. They only get punished. You cannot punish a sick person for their disease. You can only teach them to cope with it.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Larry Wynn Hey Tatiana

I told you that place is screwed up more ways than I can count.

Imagine a 17 year old girl having a stroke, then returning there to be punished for it! Not to mention receiving no medical care! She must have been terrified.

If the unit staff there had any sort of medical training or education, even just a CPR class, they would have demanded that girl receive medical care. If the professional staff were not so worried about being exposed, they would have taken her for medical care as well.

Oh well, just another story of yet another child done wrong by PCS. And these are just the ones we know about.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Larry Wynn Hey Tatiana

Larry Winn is a terrible psychologist, he should have his license revoked. How about severe punishment for a patient with severe depression, rape trauma syndrome and post traumatic stress syndrome? How's that for modern psychology? He is pure evil in my book.

Re: Re: Re: Larry Wynn

Here is a reply for you.
I didnt know you were trying yo have a girl with your man. (interesting)
You have made a great deal of progress. keep your head up.
You are a great woman.

Re: Larry Wynn

Larry Wynn touched my thigh while we talked - I thought this was inappropriate of a therapist. When I got home my therapist told me that this type of contact was unprofessional for a therapist.

Re: Re: Larry Wynn

Larry Wynn was my therapist for a year and a half. Not once have I found him to be malevolent in any way. Larry touched me and hugged me plenty of times, which, for me, was completely appropriate, and not unprofessional in the least.

Some people and cultures use more physical contact (in their expression) than others.

Re: Larry Wynn

I was there in 89 to spring of 1990. Larry wynn i think is the guy who was my therapist. H enever saw me and my parents found out and complained but he always seen the girls. All the males he never saw. Supposedly they had fired him at about beginning of december of 1989. They transferred to another therapist named dianne if i remember right. I thought about suing that place as that place was a horrible place. Now i am just curious what happened to some of the friends i made there liek scott,steve,rob and many others who some i cant even remeber their names. Anyhow i could be wrong about my therapist being named larry but i think that was him. An older guy i think with sort of grey hair??Anyhow anyone there during that tiem email me back and if u read this and thinking of sending ur child there.. DONT. tHAT PLACE IS HORRIBLE. They tried to force my parents to get a court order to force me to stay there past the age of 18. I still ahve nightmares about that. My parents would not do that but i rember a guy named whit who walked out of there when he turned 18 and tehy got a court order from his home state that commited him there. HE had to spend liek a month down stayign at a wall 7 hours a day and he did nothign wrong just when he turned 18 he just walked out. Anyhow i have turned out normal no thanks to that place. I still wake up from nightmares of that place and i am 34 now.