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Re: Re: Re: not all evil

My child was there in 2003. I also made reports to CPS, th police, attorney general etc. I had the same responce. It's true that PCS has a lot of clout in the state of Utah. Unfortunately most of the teen programs in Utah use PCS as their model and implement the same types of punishments, levels and other dangerous measures. The state of Utah is to blame for allowing this type of abuse to continue in the guise of adolescent rehabilitation. No child should be punished with a syringe full of Haldol or Thorazine. It is truly horrific.

PCS does hate this site and they have tried to get this server to shut it down. They actually hired lawyers to threaten the server claiming the site interfered with their buisiness interests. The first ammendment is truly a wonderful thing.

Re: Re: Re: Re: not all evil

To the former staff member,

I am curious...what exactly do the staff say about this site, and about Fornits? Do they ever mention any of us posters in particular?

Thanks for coming out like you have. Clearly you are thinking like a "professional" caregiver, (not like those uneducated folk they have working at PCS), and I wish you luck in college! What are you studying?

Megan Flynn
Registered Nurse
Former student at PCS

Re: not all evil

hey if you feel up to it email me at I was a patient at PCS not long ago, I most likely know you.

Re: Re: not all evil

I probably know you also. Thank you for coming out, for speaking out. Thank you for saying your sorry. That's one thing I never thought that I would hear come from anyone in any form from Provo at all. I have done much to fight against them. In fact. They fired a very good, honest, and hard working woman there because of me, and they have threatened all of their staff there because of me, if any of them talk to me, they will fire them. Quite a loss really. There are good staff there. You just have to weed out all the evil ones. Why did they threaten eveyone, because I hold very valuable information, and because I know names, full names, and remember every single thing, because I took away hundreds of thousands of dollars from them, and because I protest them in everything I do. If you want to talk...send me a e-mail you can reach me at...

By the way. My name is Rachel Roberts. I was number 303

Re: Re: Re: not all evil

I have not been on the message board for a while so I apologize for not responding to the last few posts.

Mom 2 five- I have no doubt that your child was overdosed with Haldol. They use the drug constantly. usually a staff supervisor (who has no medical training and is not a therapist) makes the decision to inject a girl with it and a doctor signs off on it later, after it's been done. The drug is used as a punishment frequently. Also, there is a reaction that many patients have to this drug that is painful. The reaction can be treated but at times staff members wait before they do anything because the staff and sometimes even the nurses feel that the girl in question brought it on herself. I have seen girls (more than once) sit with muscle spasms, drooling because they can’t control their mouths, and crying from the pain and embarrassment of the ordeal while staff ridicule them for crying and being "attention seeking". The problem with reporting it to social services is that PCS has a doctor that signs off on the whole thing and says it was medically necessary. Even getting social services to go in and take a look and interview a few girls alone is impossible.

Megan-These web sites don’t come up in conversation a whole lot with staff at PCS but when they do come up, for the most part they just get laughed off. PCS staff members pretty much think of themselves as all knowing, all good and invincible.

Rob- I doubt if I would have known you because I worked on the girl’s campus. But I may have known a lot of the staff you knew.

Rachel-I am pretty sure I remember you. I was your staff for a short time, I think. Unit 3? Or do I have the wrong Rachel?

Re: Re: Re: Re: not all evil

I'm sure you do remeber me. I was on Unit 3 in the end. I was on Unit 2 for my first 19months starting in October of 2000. Then I got a therapist change to Dave Blackwell. Thank God. And with that, I of course was switched to Unit 3. Staff on that unit did not like me so much, made life harder, but I did become stronger from it. I do have a few good memories from that unit though. I do admit that I am a better person now than I was before. But that, I honestly can say and know, is from the good friends, and few good staff that I met in there and still keep in touch with, and because Dave, unlike Jeanette Brown, listened, he didn't talk, didn't judge or scrutinize, he just listened, and that is what I needed most. I worked with some really AWESOME staff on Unit 3 for a bit though, you may have known them. Anette, Becky, Shalee and Pule. Jolene and I did not get along at all. But in the end, somehow, we found common ground and it was all good. Really viciously hard with her for a LONG time though.

Hit me up sometime. I'm always open. I still talk to Shalee, Chemaine and Tricia.

Re: Re: Re: Re: not all evil

First of all, I worked at PCS also until about a month ago when I quit to move out of state for school. I have to say that maybe things at the girl's campus worked differently than at the boys campus with regard to Haldol. I only saw it administered once during the year that I worked there and the supervisor was not the one who gave the order to give it. A nurse was contacted and observed the patient, tried to speak to him, and after he refused to cooperate with her and verbally and physically assaulted her she called the doctor who then gave the okay to administer Haldol. It was not given as a punishment and only given after about 12 hours of the patient attacking staff, throwing food at staff, and not cooperating in any way. All of these incidents were observed, noted and filed away by the nurse. Also, I am not aware that there is any treatment for the side effects, if there is I would like to know what they are because I also did not see anything administered to ease the side effects. Again, that is what I saw and from my point of view the use of Haldol was completely necessary and was the only thing that ultimately calmed the student down enough to talk to him. I'm sure that I'll be ridiculed here for putting this on this forum but I had to state my point of view with regards to this matter. Thanks

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: not all evil

Okay, so I have seen some girls who were absolutely insane. One girl jumped on Jodi's back and actually bit her on the neck really good and wouldn't get off and Jodi had to slam herself into the wall backwards to get this girl off of her. This girl was a freaking crazy ass I swear. And she just kept attacking people, anyone that was within reach, girls, staff, didn't matter. She was sadated and needed to be. But a lot of people and drugged for no good reason. I was thrown in ob's once for a bull**** reason of not eatting the peas in my salad. I ate everything else in it, but the peas, I hate them, so what happened, Andrea threw me into ob's for not eatting the god**** peas in my salad though I ate the rest of it. She must have been in a really fowl mood that night. But I was ******* and I was trying to talk to Becky and it was just so not flying and I got really angry, and I didn't feel like breaking my hand on the wall again so I just screamed, just one really loud yell to get all my anger out. Then they came in and ******* drugged me for yelling, to get my anger out??? I didn't yell anything, I wasn't yelling at anyone, I wasn't hurting anyone, just releasing my anger in the best positive manner that could possibly be done when in ob;s and they freaking drugged me. So yeah, a very few and slim times it is warented, but many times it is not.

Re: not all evil

I really appreciate you coming forward with that information. It's too bad the authorities in Utah turn a deaf ear to reports of abuse at Provo Canyon School and other youth programs in Utah. It is truly outrageous for anyone to overdose a child with a dangerous drug like Haldol and then make them suffer with the horendous side effects just to punish them. It's truly unconscionable. I do appreciate you coming forward and admitting that staff do this. Most people find it hard to believe. The child and parent are left with no recourse. I'm also a registered nurse so I find it even more disgusting that this is being done in the name of rehabilitation or mental health treatment. Thanks again....