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End Institutionalized Child Abuse Bill - HR 1738

The new Bill to End Institutionalized Child Abuse has a number - HR 1738.

Background: On April 20, 2005, Congressman George Miller (left) introduced HR 1738 -- the "End Institutional Abuse Against Children Act" -- into the United States House of Representatives. The bill has been assigned to the Committee on Education and the Workforce and to the Committee on International Relations.

The bill would: (1) provide $50 million in funding to states to support the licensing of child residential treatment programs. States would have to monitor the programs regularly to ensure their compliance with licensing requirements; (2) establish federal civil and criminal penalties for the abuse of children in residential treatment programs; (3) expand federal authority to regulate programs located overseas but run by U.S. companies and provide civil penalties for program operators that violate federal regulations; and (4) require the State Department to report any abuse of American children overseas.

Re: End Institutionalized Child Abuse Bill - HR 1738

I'd like to encourage all of you to support this bill and write letters to your Congressional Reps. Hopefully this will help end some of the horrors associated with programs like Provo.

Re: Re: End Institutionalized Child Abuse Bill - HR 1738

And please sign this petition- forward to anyone and everyone you know!