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Decorating Children's Rooms

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Decorating Children's Rooms
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Twin Baby Bedding - desperate need of help, PLEASE!!!!

Hello! I love your website and was DESPERATELY seeking your help!!!

I'm expecting twin boys in August (but it's looking like they'll be much sooner than that!). I haven't even started on their nursery, but I DO know the direction i want to go with it! From your website, it looks to me like you're an expert in the area for sure! So, I'm needing to solicit your help and any ideas you may have!

Here are my ideas, I just need to finish it up (hopefully with your help!)... I would like to put ivory/off-white painted wainscotting on all the bedroom walls...2/3 of the way up the wall. Then the top 1/3 of the wall, i would like to do a huge, zebra print wallpaper (or stenciling!). I have been searching high and low for wallpapers, but can only find small zebra print and not a huge print like I envisions. My taste is very modern, so "kid / baby themed" rooms are definitely not appealing...besides, everything seems to start to look the same!

the pic above is from your website and shows a huge black/white zebra print wallpaper behind a bed.

Also, I'm not sure if i want the zebra print to be brown / white or black / white... either way. i do think my first preferance is a brown and white. depending on what i can find (brown / white or black / white) will depend upon the color of cribs i get. i'm currently looking at black cribs, but again... would rather do an espresso crib, but i'm coming to dead ends on the zebra stuff.

as far as the babies' bedding...i'm really not sure which direction to take it. i would LOVE to do some color in the bedding...turquoise (my fav color), green, orange, yellow??? all the zebra bedding, etc. that i see is very girly and of course i have to do my best to keep it baby masculine ;) LOL! with modern twists of course!

Can you help me in any way? Do you have any ideas for the babys' bedding

on this link, i really like the lime green bed skirt (not pleated!)....actually several of these collections on this page are really cute... i'm just trying to find crib bedding that fits with my theme...even if i have to piece everything together (bed skirt from one set, bumbers from another, sheets from another, etc.)

if you can, please get back with me asap b/c i'm like a lost little puppy on this topic!

thanks so very much!!!!!!!!!

Re: Twin Baby Bedding - desperate need of help, PLEASE!!!!

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