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Decorating Children's Rooms

Lets get Creative and turn those rooms into works of art!!

Decorating Children's Rooms
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I am sooooo LOST....

I am so lost could you please help me. My daughter fell in love with a picture of a bedroom on your site. And for the life of me I can not find anything. Could you please point me in the right direction. The link to the bedroom I am talking about it:

It is the first bedroom on the left side of page. Has a forest with a green canopy over bed with looks like a small castle and a fairy? near the top of canopy. I really hope you can help.. Thanks So Much

Re: I am sooooo LOST....

Hi Yolanda,
that picture is actually a hand painted mural.

Have you had a browse through the other fairy bedrooms for decorating ideas

Fairy bedroom decorating ideas

Re: Re: I am sooooo LOST....

Maries Manor,
I'm in the same boat as Yolanda. My little boy fell in love with the bedroom you have posted on your aviation themed rooms. It's the first picture you have displayed with the red airplane and propeller clock on the wall. I love the bedding and the wall airplane and propeller, but can't find anything about them or where to purchase these items. Can you please help direct me to where I can find these items? I would love to make my sons room look just like this. Thank you in advance. Melissa