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Naan baking

I've tried a dozen or so recipes for naan, but the most successful for me use baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, sugar, salt, kalonji (black onion seeds),
egg, water and 'plain' flour. I add milk which I boil for a couple of minutes, then cool: this apparently breaks down the proteins in the milk - as with yogurt making - which allows the dough to rise better.

I aim for an almost sticky dough then divide into 50 -100 gram portions. I then
shape these dough balls by pressing them with finger tips and then throwing
them from one hand to the other several times. This stretches the dough... I'm sure you've seen all this before (pizza houses...) .

The real secret for me though is making sure that the naan can cook equally from the contact heat from the oven wall as from the ambient heat of the oven itself.

Both the clay wall(s) and the charcoal have their parts to play here. I've found that the optimal wall temperature is 220 - 240 degrees c.

It's so important that the naans have a fairly severe blast of heat from the ambient heat of the oven, too, so that they cook well on both wall side and the side exposed to the oven, so the burn rate of the charcoal should be managed
with the door at the base.

My top tip, though, is to sprinkle (slightly salted) water on the naan after placing it on the cushion. All of my naans stick to the walls every time now!

This is as far as I've got so far. The results are very acceptable (my kids' endorsement). Any further/different observations?