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first steps

I've only recently acquired my tandoor and I'm still getting to grips with all the
variable conditions it seems to need - more of which later - I do find, though, that it works best when the heat from the clay wall (almost) equals the direct heat from the charcoal. Does anyone have ideas on this?

I've tried various fuels but have settled on hardwood charcoal: more
pricey but adding a hint of taste to that of the clay and the searing heat of the
skewers. Again, any thoughts?

In short, though, I keep feeding the fire to allow the clay to pick up the heat.

Incidentally, I do recall that the early restaurants here cooked with charcoal tandoors and refused to offer Tandoori food if their clay ovens weren't up to temperature.

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Re: first steps

Thanks for the post.
For SS1 or MS1 you do not require more than 2.5Kgs of charcoal to start with, Add may be another 1Kg if you feel it's not hot enough. Make sure you leave the ventilation door open.
It won't take more than 25 minutes and your Tandoor is ready. Lumpwood charcoal is what I personally have been using since I first started using this. Ventilation door must be closed when the optimum temprature has been reached. Thats where most people make mistake.. So close the ventilation door (little door at the front bottom) once you have achieved the desired temprature..