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Tandoori oven Vs Conventional BBQ

Re: Tandoori oven Vs Conventional BBQ

* A decent conventioanl BBQ (lets call it C BBQ) will cost you 200GBP +.
* Our entry level tandoor will cost you more or less the same.

* Average age of C BBQ is 5-7 years.
* A well maintained tandoori oven will last a decade. Yes, 10 years or more.

* You are constantly turning food on a C BBQ making sure it doesn't burn & sometimes it's half cooked (not cooked from inside)
* Food cooked is Tandoor is cooked from the heat of clay walls from outside in & the heat of metal skewers from inside out. 50 chicken drumsticks in less than 20 minutes.. Beat that!

* With C BBQ you don't get time to enjoy the party as you are always turning food so that it doesn't burn.
* Put the meat in skewers, put skewers vertically in Tandoori oven, enjoy the party. Come back in 20 minutes and your food is ready.

Get chargrilled flavour in your Tandoori oven and cook all year round.
You are not restricted by weather as you don't have to stand outside in cold/rain/snow.
Take it to picnics / camping tour.
No need for expensive takeaways any more.

AND above all, its healthy, oil free cooking as all the fat is dripped whilst meat is cooked. No loss of protein. So go on & enjoy PURI - Tandoori clay ovens

Re: Tandoori oven Vs Conventional BBQ

Difference a Clay Oven Makes to Cooking Tandoori?

There’s no doubt that tandoori food is a real delicacy, and if cooked the right way it can give fantastic flavours that you’ll want to relive again and again. People often think that tandoori is a particular recipe, but in fact it’s a method of cooking – the traditional way of cooking tandoori food is in clay ovens, and it can make a huge difference to the final product.

What are clay ovens?

Clay ovens are what they sound like – ovens made of clay. They often look like a clay pot but they’ve been designed in such a way so as to cook tandoori food to perfection. Otherwise known as a tandoori oven (or simply a tandoor), they’re filled with charcoal to provide a large fire on which to cook, producing a very high, dry heat that cooks the food to perfection.

The benefits of using a clay oven to cook tandoori food

There are plenty of benefits of using clay ovens to cook tandoori food, and the main one is that this method gives the food its unique flavour. When the oven can reach temperatures of up to 480⁰C the food develops a crisp outer layer whilst locking all the moisture inside, offering the ultimate tandoori taste that you simply can’t get by any other means. If you want to cook tandoori food the traditional way then a tandoori oven is really the only option, and anything less than that simply won’t give you the flavours that you want.

See what a difference an oven from The Tandoor Clay Oven can make

If you want to see for yourself the difference that clay ovens can make, then come to us here at The Tandoor Clay Oven. We provide tandoori ovens of exceptional quality that are all manufactured with the required wall thickness to give your food that superior taste – if your oven doesn’t have the right depth then the heat isn’t retained as effectively and you won’t get such good results, but with us you can be sure of the best.

We have a passion for tandoori cooking and for the fantastic food that results from it, and we pride ourselves on the exceptional quality of our clay ovens as well as our supreme levels of customer care. We know you’ll love the flavours when you use one of our tandoori ovens, so come to us today and experience the difference for yourself.

Did you know that a tandoori oven from The Tandoori Clay Oven can improve your cooking, as our clay ovens have the correct wall depth to sustain heat?