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Excellent product! Thats what I did..

a. 1.5 Kgs of lumpwood charcoal mixed with 1 Kg of instant burn charcoal (no need for fire lighters)
b. Leave the ventilation door open, keep the top lid off
c. Use lighter (50p from Wilkinson)
d. It quickly caught fire. Left it to burn for 15 mins
e. Add 1kg of lumpwood charcoal more into the burning Tandoori oven.
f. My oven was hot hot hot after 15 mins. Total time from start till this point 30 mins
g. Started cooking for big party at 4pm, I was still cooking at 5:15pm with the heat achieved from first burn.

Now, I am looking for keema naan bread recipes, its stuffed naan bread with mince. Your help will be much appreciated..