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great movie

great movie last night, I really enjoyed it and thought it as "well done." Even saw a couple of friends in it, not many, but really enjoyed it. What was everyone else's thoughts on it?

Re: great movie

I think it was done as well has it could have been done for a tv movie. A+ going to buy the dvd from Amazon.com on the 14th

Re: great movie

I thought it was great and as an extra I was very pleased. Walmart has plenty of the DVD's and they cost less than anyone on the internet.

Re: great movie

I thought it was OK, not much better or worse than any other racing movie that Hollywood has put out.

I did get very tired of the continued portrayal of Kannapolis and working in the mills as a "prison" with everybody in town trying to get over the wire when the guard wasn't looking, and the repeated use of the term "linthead".
Some of the finest folks you would ever know spent 30, 40 , 50 plus years of their lives in the mills here, they deserved a little better than that.

I also cannot find any evidence that Dale ever worked in the mill.I know that he worked for Punchy, did front end work, brake work, he was at Great Dane trailers a long time, did a lot of insulation work, but I can't find anybody( and I have a lot of relatives who worked in the mill at that time and know the Earnhardt family) who can say for sure Dale worked in the mill at all.

BUT.....maybe I'm getting too uptight over details here.
We were having a 'bull session" after seeing the movie the first time, and some thought that mistakes had to be made on purpose due to the movie not having the Earnhardt family blessing and cooperation.The thought was that real facts were changed just enough to make the movie a parody and not a biography to avoid a potential lawsuit.

Example:In the movie,the actress playing Tersa said that her uncle was Tommy Houston, in real life, he and Teresa are brother/sister, not uncle/niece.(if I'm wrong, OK, my mistake)
???????...Just something that came up after viewing the movie, was wondering if it may have been right or not.

I appreciate all the hard work that went into the project, it's very hard to tell this story in 90 minutes.
Overall, the group of family and friends that I know ( who are from Kannapolis and the area, and was at the races back then)feel that , while very inaccurate in a lot of areas, they did the best they could with all constraints and factors that had to be considered.

The guy playing Humpy Wheeler, WOW, could pass for him any day!

Re: great movie

I did some fact checking and Tommy Houston is Teresa earnhardt's Uncle, not her brother