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Would love to be an extra for Jeff Gordon

Mr. Barry Pepper and # 3 crew,

As a NASCAR and Dale Earnhardt fan since 1990 and I pray that there are not any editing mistakes with a film about a legend. Mistakes in racing films like Days of Thunder and Driven ruin the experience for racing fans like me. Some examples are when film shots are edited using footage from one race track and then cut to another track and that back and forth editing is obvious. I was wondering if the prime moments of Dale's 1998 Daytona 500 victory was captured within the story. It's special to hear and see when Dale celebrated with the fans in the stands hours after the checkered flag. Also, the two Daytona 500 heartbreaks that most fans most remember is the 1990 cut tire on the last lap and the 1997 barrel roll crash where Dale jumped out of the ambulance to finish the race! The overall "Imtimidator" image where Dale would go up to a rookie driver or friend, like Jeff Gordon and squeeze the back of their neck has to be captured. That image was one replaced on Dale's last day on earth, where he couldn't relax at all before the race. He even squeezed Theresa's hand really hard during pre-race prayers that morning sensing something not right. There are more details to his image, I could advise with. I would love to be an extra for Jeff Gordon for that part. I am no means a film expert, but NASCAR is one sport where the fans are the best experts.

Thank you for your time,

Tim Radatz