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Cars Used

Having just finished building my 2nd complete stock car (dirt track), I'm curious as to the stockers used on the movie (esp. the 70's & 80's)

Who built them, will they be sold and are there pics?

My first car was a 76 Laguna with the Goodwrench colors & # (highest finish was 3rd in 2001). MY current one is a 74 Olds that mimics Cale's 3-time WC winner. (and his #11 as well...i only used #3 for spec. races)

The next one will def. be 80's Wrangler. So any info & pics on the cars would be greatly appreciated.

I cant wait for the movie.

Re: Cars Used

It was so refreshing to read a positive post about the movie. My advice to you is to contact the owner of the East Lincolnton, NC dirt track and ask him about the cars. The track does have a web site. Look in Google under East Lincolnton Raceway Lincolnton, NC. If that does not work let me know and I will see if I can find out something else for you. I do know that Andy Hillenburg (Fast Track out at Lowe's Motor Speedway in Harrisburg, NC) was in charge of the cars in some capacity. I don't think the cars are for sell since they are pirvately owned and I believe they race them out there on Friday or Saturday nights.

Re: Cars Used

Thanks for wondering about the cars. the vast majority of them were built by myself and a 5 man crew at Fast Track Racing in Harrisburg NC, As far as I know Andy Hillenburg still has most of them.
To find out what is available if anything. Email Andy@fasttrackracing.com You will also see Andy playing the charactor Deacon in the Movie.
If you have any trouble getting through to Andy.
Contact me at Metal by GaryG@aol.com and I will call him and see whats up with the cars

Re: Cars Used

Thanks for the "heads up", Gary. From what I've seen of the pix, y'all did one hell of a job on the repros. I cant wait to see more of 'em.

It took me 10 weeks to take a one-owner Olds from street car to Cale look-alike stocker, so I appreciate your guys hard work...installing an engine solo, with a fork lift is always fun (but that's a story for another time).

I can't wait to see the fruits of y'alls labor in action. I'll be sending Andy an eMail shortly. Thx for your help.

Re: Cars Used

Not trying to be negative, but the cars used ,espesially in the dirt track scenes, were very inaccurate.

I realize that the expense of building 100 percent accurate 1960's Late Model Sportsman cars would be prohibitive, but some small changes would have made them look a lot more like what they were representing.

Most glaring was the cars having chicken wire screens instead of windshields.I personally "grew up" watching the races at Concord and Metrolina in the 70's, and I have yearbooks from Concord back in 1966,1967, and 1968.Chicken wire instead of glass or plastic windshields did not show up at Metrolina or Concord until the very late 70's/early80's when dirt track cars started looking like flying doorstops .

Also, Dale never won a race in the Pink K-2 car,( I know, I was there).

I am an avid scale model builder of Late model sportsman cars , both modern and "vintage" era. Since the movie came out, a lot of interest acround the country has sprung up amongst model car bulders who want to build Ralph and Dale Earnhardt dirt cars, like seen in the movie.
Those of us in the Carolinas who were there and have reference material have been answering a lot of questions for those around the country regarding the correct look and construction of those cars.