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What Extras Stood Out The Most

Hello To All,

We were wondering what extras stood out the most? Who do you remember?

Staff at 3background.com

Re: What Extras Stood Out The Most

The extra's that stood out the most to me where the ones that hung in there for 3 days of hot weather, eating dust and very long days 12-14 hours at the East Lincoln dirt track. Some of their names are Me (Yvonne),Jamie and Dave, Shana and her Dad Ronnie, Rose,Gladys (mother and daughter), Sweet Lips Frank, JD(the fried bologna man), Brooks brothers, the Good Ole' Boys in the leather hats, and at the last minute Merle and her husband who answered the Call "Can you come now, we need you now" and they did. What dedication, need I say more. The ones at Rockingham would be Me (Yvonne), Jamie and Dave, Sweet Lips Frank, Brooks brothers, Josh, The National Dale Earnhardt look alike winner from Flordia, and Billy H.
I met some very nice, caring people and we keep in touch. I call them my extended family.

Re: What Extras Stood Out The Most

My dad and brothers were extras and they went all three days even though my mom was sick! I think they did soo well and i can't wait to see the movie when it comes out!! I think my dad and bros hung in there a whole time even in the rough spots!