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Dale Jr.

I auditioned for the role of Dale Jr. and was called back three different times, which was amazing in itself, being that it was my first major film audition, but I ended up not recieving the role, but I would like to know the name of the actor that did, to see if it was any of the actors that I auditioned with. Any infor would be great.

Thank you

Cory High

Re: Dale Jr.

I dunno who got the role but he looks nothing like the man.


Wait till you see the movie!!! The young man that played Jr. does look like him very much "on film" especially in the earlier days. He was a very nice and was somewhat shy just like Jr. I know cause I was a background actor in the movie and I am one of Dale's female cousin's. I sent this young man's mom some pictures of him that I had taken and his first name is Chad and when I remember his last name and where he was from I will post it, if I can get his permission.

Re: Dale Jr.


You were called back 3 times for the role and still didn't get it? And it really was only an extra role??? Wow! That's almost--impossible. Maybe you just couldn't cut it to be an extra? Hmm.

Stick to your day job! That's all I gotta say!


Re: Dale Jr.

The role of Dale Jr. was not an extra role. It is a supporting actor role!!!