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Welcome to the forum.  Please share information and your views on the sport in the Isle of Man with others. 

The forum has been operating in its present form since April 2004 and I particularly welcome comments from new contributors, whether you live on or off the Isle of Man, if you have an interest in Manx athletics.

Many people have used the forum to give thanks to the officials or their own supporters when they have enjoyed an event. Contrustive criticism is always welcome as an additional means of communication, although it is not intended to replace formal communication between clubs and other bodies and their members.

If you are unable to find information about an event on any of the Manx websites, then the forum is the best place to ask for help from other people. Whilst you can email me at  and I will do my best to point you in the right direction, the people who have the answer to your question are likely to visit the forum so it is better that you ask it here. is an independent site and I do not hold office within any of the five Manx clubs.

There are a few rules. Firstly, you should always use your real name as, apart from making people accountable for what they say, one of the objectives of the website is to make the sport friendly and appealing so please do not hide behind a nickname (anonymous entries will be deleted). Secondly, (it should go without saying) you must not insult or offend anyone. Thirdly, pesistent abuse of rules 1 and 2 will result in the forum being withdrawn.

Thanks for being sensible and I hope you continue to enjoy the forum and the sport.

Murray Lambden

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Heritage Trail Run


Might just be me being dense (it happens!) but cannot find a start/signing on time and place for the Heritage Trail Run on Thursday

Can anyone enlighten me?

many thanks,


Re: Heritage Trail Run

In fact ignore me it is on Friday and I cannot make it.........

Re: Heritage Trail Run

The Peel Heritage Trail Run, which is approximately 7.5 miles comprises of 80% off road on flat or undulating trails. This stunning run takes in the old railway line from Peel to St Johns and then St Johns to Knocksharry along the old Northern Line. From Knocksharry head back towards Peel, and just when you think the scenery can't get any better the course will take you onto the coastal footpath back to Peel and the prize presentation.Signing on is from 6:15 pm for a 7pm start @ Transport Museum mill road Peel Course route Map can be downloaded from