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The forum has been operating in its present form since April 2004 and I particularly welcome comments from new contributors, whether you live on or off the Isle of Man, if you have an interest in Manx athletics.

Many people have used the forum to give thanks to the officials or their own supporters when they have enjoyed an event. Contrustive criticism is always welcome as an additional means of communication, although it is not intended to replace formal communication between clubs and other bodies and their members.

If you are unable to find information about an event on any of the Manx websites, then the forum is the best place to ask for help from other people. Whilst you can email me at  and I will do my best to point you in the right direction, the people who have the answer to your question are likely to visit the forum so it is better that you ask it here. is an independent site and I do not hold office within any of the five Manx clubs.

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Murray Lambden

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weekend trail run

If anyone fancies a change of scenery for their weekend run, come along to Ballanette Nature Conservation Centre, Lonan anytime on Saturday after 9.30am.

Even if you are not planning to have a go at the trail race on Saturday 15th August (it's a shame Lonan Country Fair is at the end of the busiest week of athletics events) you are welcome to have a run out over a lap or two of this picturesque landscape at Clay Head.

Nick Percival & I will be flagging the course at 9am. Just turn up and follow the arrows-there will be copies of course directions by the start area adjacent to the HQ/offices of Stewart Clague Services.

The course is suitable for trail shoes or studs (not spikes)

From Douglas go past the Liverpool Arms, cross the tram lines and take a right turn (signposted Lonan Old Church) Half a mile or so along the road on the left is a long concrete driveway (also signposted to the Raad ny Foillan) which leads to the start area which will be clearly visible.