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The forum has been operating in its present form since April 2004 and I particularly welcome comments from new contributors, whether you live on or off the Isle of Man, if you have an interest in Manx athletics.

Many people have used the forum to give thanks to the officials or their own supporters when they have enjoyed an event. Contrustive criticism is always welcome as an additional means of communication, although it is not intended to replace formal communication between clubs and other bodies and their members.

If you are unable to find information about an event on any of the Manx websites, then the forum is the best place to ask for help from other people. Whilst you can email me at  and I will do my best to point you in the right direction, the people who have the answer to your question are likely to visit the forum so it is better that you ask it here. is an independent site and I do not hold office within any of the five Manx clubs.

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Thanks for being sensible and I hope you continue to enjoy the forum and the sport.

Murray Lambden

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Re: Barging

I still have painful memories - thankfully the bruises have gone now - of a local race walker of the mid-to-late 1990s whose elbows (and racing line) got wider and wider every time anyone threatened to overtake. And that was in training as well as in races!!

Re: Barging

Apparently one of our very ladylike walkers came out with some rather industrial language when her line was taken in the winter league this year. No names mentioned!

Re: Barging

There is a difference between barging deliberately and getting knocked, pushed and spiked in the hurly burly of the race.

A deliberate event should be punished - as in the case of East.

Accidental knocks and spikings which can actually be far more painful are just one of those things. The experts in this area are middle distance runners. You cannot set up to 12 athletes off at full pelt round the first bend of the 800m and then expect no problems as they sort themselves out on the back straight.

4x400m changeovers are notorious for this also - even though there is the rule of the outgoing runner lining up in the positions the teams are in at the 200m point on the previous leg.

The other group who know all about this are the XC runners. The Senior National is mayhem in the first mile or so. If you do not stick your hands out and hold your ground you will get spiked and pushed yourself.

So in short - in some circumstances it is acceptable and expected. In most - especially if deliberate - it is not.

I would add that from what I see athletics on the IOM and in the UK is generally carried out in a pretty fair way by officials and competitors alike. Some sports could learn alot from our example.