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Brass Monkey Times

Just had texts and a call from Dave Griffiths.

Gail Griffiths and Garren Gray were using the run to try and get Island Games qualifying times.

It would seem the conditions were much better than expected.

Gail stormed her time running 88.36 her target was 90.30. Gail was ahead of her schedule all the way.

Darren was behind schedule at 9 miles by 30 secs or so but apparently stormed the last few miles and thinks he finished in 73.58 (his watch). His target was 74 mins. I guess we need to be a little cautious but hopefully the official time will be sub 74 also.

Either way massive PBs of over 2 mins for both of them - WELL DONE!!!

Sorry I do not have any other info. Hopefully everyone else will have a great run and come out of it with what they hoped to achieve.

Will look forward to seeing how everyone goes.

Re: Brass Monkey Times

Apologies to Darren - obviously getting too excited to get his name right in the last post!!!

Re: Re: Brass Monkey Times

Paul has a link to the results page on

Both Gail and Darren ran a few seconds quicker than they thought - I believe their official timing is based on chip timing.

Gail 88.33 and Darren 73.56.

Re: Brass Monkey Times

Well inside time, always had it in my head to run 88.30 so I was just 3 secs over it ! Off course I had a much slower plan to stick to on the day but went with how I felt and tried not to get too far ahead of the plan. Was amazed to reach 10miles in a PB time of 68.25. Just picked up the pace from there and was jumping for joy after crossing line in 88.35 ( it took me 2 seconds to cross line to activate my chip)
So a time of 88.33 is a dream come true! I knew I had it in me, had such a good block of training, was training for 86-87 so knew I could get 88-89 in my next race. When I thought about it afterwards, I realised the last 3.1 miles is actually 5km! Nearly did a road PB at the end of a race!! Missed it by 2 seconds!! WOW ! I never tired and normally do with 2 miles to go but I was just warming up ! Easiest half marathon I've done, that sounds crazy but that's how good I felt oon the day !!

Re: Brass Monkey Times

It was a great weekend in York, with at least 15 competitors from the Isle of Man taking part. Many produced pbs, in some cases by big margins, and all enjoyed the race which was held in near-perfect conditions. We were so lucky that York avoided the severe weather that affected many parts of the UK over the weekend. Even the ferry crossings were smooth! The results of the Manx contingent were as follows:

10 Darren Gray 1.13.58
170 Gail Griffiths 1.28.33
325 Barry Moore 1.34.27
360 Les Brown 1.36.07
746 Justine Bowen 1.49.49
794 Rob Gillanders 1.51.29
884 Moira Hall 1.55.44
952 Lynne Quine 1.58.24
970 Lesley Christian 1.59.21
1042 Geoff Hall 2.03.45
1146 Dave Quine 2.10.45
1184 Jackie Moore 2.14.53
1235 Sue Ackroyd 2.24.44
1241 Ingrid Sugden 2.25.42
1242 Maureen Kelly 2.25.42

The organisation was first-class and very friendly, and the course flat and fast - ideal for those targeting pbs. There was a great atmosphere amongst the Manx contingent throughout the weekend, which made several of us wonder again why we can't go under the banner of 'Team Isle of Man' on these occasions. But I guess that's another discussion for another day!

Re: Brass Monkey Times

Just to add to the above post, there were 2 UK athletes competing who will be familiar to many local athletics enthusiasts.

Former Olympic race walker Chris Maddocks (Sheffield RC), who competed in the Manx Airlines meeting many times over the years, recorded 81.07 - running not walking I hasten to add! Kath Farquhar (Holmfirth Harriers) who is a regular Easter Festival competitor, recorded 84.07.

Re: Brass Monkey Times

Well done to everyone who took part, particularly to those that set personal best times after training so hard.

I'm afraid its a different Chris Maddocks. The one who took part (from Sheffield) used to win quite a few races. He is 49 now although his profile has only just appeared on so presumably he is making a comeback.

Chris Maddocks the walker is not in action at the moment although you will see him at a half marathon near here soon.

Re: Brass Monkey Times

Yes, I stand corrected on that one Murray. I read a while ago that race walker Chris Maddocks, who spent most of his walking career in the Plymouth area, had moved to Sheffield. I therefore assumed it must be one and the same person, but it seems not!

Re: Brass Monkey Times

Though before Chris took up walking seriously, he used to compete as a runner apparently, particularly long distance. Of course his walking club was Plymouth and Dawlish. Is there a 42 mile walk that Chris holds the record for - Plymouth to Dawlish? I'm just wondering if Mr Lambden has competed in this race.

I think Ed Shillabeer who has entered in this year's Parish (must be about 70 now) used to compete for the same club. Ed is a centurion and probably a 24 hour track walker. Murray no doubt will get this confirmed as I think he wanted to write a piece about Ed nearer the time of the Parish.

Certainly 20 or 30 years ago Ed would have broken 16 hours for the Parish I'd say.

Quite what this has to do with the Brass Monkey Times, I do not know. As Ronnie Corbett always used to say - I digress.

But getting back on track, well done to all the local runners who competed on Sunday, particularly all those who recorded pbs. You were lucky with the weather - unlike back in the IOM over the weekend. Special mention I think should go to Jackie Moore who could have only dreamt of running 13.1 miles a year ago.

Re: Brass Monkey Times

I think that Robbie I should have our forum the way that we digress!

David, you were right that Chris Maddocks moved to Yorkshire a few years ago whilst studying as a mature student.

He is back in Devon these days but is coming with his girlfriend Fi to stay as guests in our cottage next month and will take in the HSBC Manx Harriers meeting as well as finally having some time to see the Island, something that he never seemed to have the time to do when he was racing.

I have asked him to give a talk about his walking career as a motivational speaker for Parish Walkers but I have nothing about organising such an event.

I did the Plymouth to Dawlish walk (robbie) in 1978 and that was where I first met Chris - he won although I am not sure if that was when he broke the record or not. Did you do it to?

Yes, Robbie I was going to write more about Ed Shillabeer who I also admire. My aim for a good few years though has been to get Chris out of retirement to do the Parish. I seem to have failed with Denis Jackson, the other great long distance walker I know well.

Can we get back to the Brass Monkeys now Robbie?

Re: Re: Brass Monkey Times

OK Murray, a seamless link returning to the thread; here's a report & video from the Brass Monkey, held in Denis Jackson's home city of York click here