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Reflecting on 100 Miles

A week later and as I reflect on the 100 mile walk I think about what was involved in staging such a landmark event on the Isle of Man.

Tribute has quite rightly been paid to the organisers. They had the courage to stand up and say “we can do this” and they followed that with endless hours of hard work to ensure that they delivered on their commitment. The event was, unquestionably, a success and arguably set a benchmark for such events anywhere in the future.

An enforced route march 131 times around the NSC provides the opportunity to contemplate many things.

In my opinion the NSC is a first class facility. It looks good, it is well situated, it works and it is a very pleasant place to walk round in circles – as seems to be the lot of aspiring centurions.

Many visiting athletes confirmed my view that we are very lucky to have such a facility on the Island. If you then add the people ranging from highly accomplished names in athletics, through officials, water and food station helpers, families, friends, general supporters and of course, the competitors themselves, you have a truly formidable combination.

That formula came together last weekend to transform the NSC into an international venue for an international event. Even our politicians turned out and stayed out and came back in the morning.

The Isle of Man did itself proud and placed itself firmly on the map as a top class venue for hosting such events. Many people will have left the Island last week with a very positive impression of what Manx athletics can deliver.

The overwhelming impression left on me was the extent to which the whole community of people who chose to become involved in the event came together to produce such an incredible atmosphere.

Every single one of them, whether they stayed 10 minutes or 24 hours (or worked on the project for many months) made a valuable contribution to the success of the event.

It was very humbling to think how the efforts of so many people over such a long time had been brought together both to stage and to support the event.

I would like to pay tribute to the organisers and to everyone who in any way supported the event. Thank you.

Re: Reflecting on 100 Miles

It's good to know your feelings Eammon on such a wonderful event and of course such tremendous performances by you and so many others.

And yes after last years 100 mile walk in Kings Lynn I foolishly (or maybe not so foolishly) said I would like to host this years RWA National Championship Centurion 100 Mile Walk here on the Isle of Man. I certainly didn’t know at that time what I was letting myself in for!

The venue I personally did not want this walk to be held on was the NSC. With such beautiful surroundings around the Island why would anyone want to hold an event around a Sports Centre; on retrospect this proved to be, without a shadow of a doubt, an excellent venue for a 24 hour walk. It is completely traffic free with everything on hand, toilets, changing rooms, showers, massage, marshalling, sponges, water, feeding, tented area, adjudicating, judging and two cafés open to the public and all within 3/4 of a mile. No other place on the Island would have provided us with these superb facilities and easy viewing for spectators. Even the music was contained in one area so avoiding upsetting the neighbours!

The walkers did us proud with the island producing so many new centurions and several others almost achieving their goal. With a population of approximately 80,000 the Isle of Man must be proud to have such an enormous number of walkers who hold this prestigious title.

The committee worked tirelessly to bring this event together. We had many obstacles thrown at us which we managed to overcome. Each hurdle was strategically placed higher and higher but at the end of the day we succeeded to clear each and every one of them. I was informed at the 11th hour that manual lap counters for at least six walkers had to be put in place otherwise had a record been broken it wouldn't stand. After the brilliant performance by Sean and Robbie in the Parish I couldn't take a chance on the record not going so I hastily put together a team of lap counters and time keepers. My thanks and gratitude must go to to Arny, Sue, Bridget, Charlie and Judy for lap counting and Colin, Bernie and Judy for time keeping. Incidentally Judy also doubled as lap counter. They were absolutely brilliant and I can't thank them enough.

I must also extend my thanks to the many judges and especially Allan, Dougie and Steve who I am glad to say were given a relatively easy job of judging as there was not a single DQ card on the board for the 100 miler.

At the end of the day success has been ours due to the enormous encouragement and help from so many people. With the tremendous commentary from Adrian Cowin; he also took on his second job as DJ which lifted the spirits of the walkers. Gordon Corran who helped with organising the marshals during the day and night and Paul Jackson who was at everyone's beck-and-call ensuring the course was kept up to scratch. Elizabeth Corran who set up her massage table after walking the 20 mile Starlight Stroll. With all the marshals feeding station and water station It was almost as if the whole Island turned out to help and a real bringing together of people from all walks of life from school children to Ministers, everyone joined in with our very own 'festival of fun' and made this occasion one of the most memorable days of my life.

I'm delighted with the positive comments from so many people. This event was a succes and all the hard work that went into it was all worth while. Tremendous performance from all who walked and an unforgettable weekend.

The question has been asked if I would do this again - Last weekend I used the phrase 'never' but never is a very long time.

Re: Reflecting on 100 Miles

Hi everyone,

Eammon you are right, it was really a very succesfull event and i can't get it out of my mind. Besides i can't wait till june for doing the Parish Walk.
And Eammon thanks for being so kind when i finished my final lap of the 131 times !!!
See you all again in june !!!

Martijn C1037