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Access needed for loading.

I’m looking forward to purchasing a Sardine and want to calculate the width I’ll need. Noticed the photo of the Little Cod aboard Daisy and don’t see much distance from the side to the heat shield. If wood is loaded from the side, how much space will be needed to properly tend the fire? Can it be loaded from the front? Could you still have a glass front if the front is openable? Again, I will be looking at the Sardine stove.

Re: Access needed for loading.

Hi David,

With a standard right door stove, you'd need about 8" to the right of the stove for easy loading.
Loading from front "SARDINE" (or fixed glass) not possible. Some folks spin their right door stove 90D. CW to have the door face the centerline of boat. We can do a left door stove as well. Know that we are also working on an accessory wood pellet basket which then makes loading fuel through the 6" top coverplate the norm. You'd still want that 8" to L or R to allow for easy removal of the pellet basket when shifting back to regular wood. Hope that clarifies all the options. A/NSW