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Vintage Plain Iron Little Cod for Sale $1,100.00

I also have this Vintage Little Cod for sale on local Olympic Peninsula Craigs List. I have photos I can email to you. I live in Port Townsend WA. 360 774-1624

The stove has been taken well care of over the years. This Little Cod is in very good condition. I looked it over recently and see nothing wrong with it. It all seems in good order. It still possesses the burner handle and the 3 feet are in excellent condition. The only thing I would do if I were going to use it again would be to condition (stove black) the outside of the stove however that is done these days. There is a little nick in the top the back part where the stove pipe attaches. This can be seen in the photos. I do not remember if this was always there or not. The pipe fits over this so it matters little in the long run.

The only thing you will find different are the feet. Years ago we had new feet made as the ones for the stove somehow turned up missing. The new feet are very well made and fit in the slots on the bottom of the stove perfectly. There are also holes in the feet for securing to the floor etc. At first I didn’t remember that we had them replaced, they looked so matched, until I was looking at the photos on the website. The feet do not attach to the bottom of the stove. Instead they slide into a sort of slot. If you really wanted it to be authentic I am sure Andrew could make up new feet for you. The slots on the bottom of the stove have not ever been altered. At the time when we had the new feet made we had no idea where to locate the original stove works in Canada or even they existed anymore.

This Little Cod Stove was purchased from Canada when we lived in Northern Michigan. We used it in a vehicle to travel out west in the 80’s. It was stored for about 6 years and then used again in a small cabin (tiny home) in Colorado for about a year. It was then stored for a long time again and then used in the 90’s to heat a large converted school bus (tiny home). We put it into storage in Port Townsend WA in 2001 where it has been kept since. We loved this stove and it actually became an endeared object. We held onto it all these years hoping we would have occasion to use it again. Shortly after moving to Port Townsend we attended the Wooden Boat Festival. There to my astonishment was a booth, Navigator Stove Works, with our Little Cod for sale. That is where and when I discovered that these wonderful stoves were being built locally now. And there, in their booth, was even a Sardine which is a one burner smaller version.

My husband passed in 2013 and the next year my mother. At this time I am dramatically downsizing, by necessity, and have decided to sell the Little Cod. At first I was going to attempt to trade it for a Sardine, on the forum, but have decided to sell it and buy a new Sardine at a later date. The Little Cod was too big to put into our Large Sprinter Van and at the time, in 2013, a Dickinson Stainless Solid Fuel stove was more affordable than the Sardine. This is what I am using now in the meantime. I decided that rather than hold onto the Little Cod into some unknown future I will sell it and pay for part of my school I am attending. I am sure someone else will enjoy using it.

Re: Vintage Plain Iron Little Cod for Sale $1,100.00

If your stove is still available please email me at tjwetherell (at)

I live down in Olympia.