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Questions about Sardine & Little Cod for on land use

Hello, I've been reading here for a while, wanting one of these little stoves & have some questions that I need answers for that will help me make the decisions for the work that needs done.

My install would be in a small house, as a secondary heat source, as I have an oil forced air furnace. The area is SW Pennsylvania.

Small house is 1.5 stories-1 floor with an attic.

Stove would be on the 1st floor.

The room size is about 11' x 20' with a 7.5 ft ceiling.
It will be the 1 room that is insulated-creating an envelope for a warm space in an old house.

I have a small existing masonry chimney that has 2 flue bays.
One of the flue bays is being utilized by the oil furnace, the other flue bay used to have a coal stove attached to it, but it has been removed.

This chimney runs up the center of the house to the roof, so it is not exposed to cold air like a chimney in an outside wall, I have read this is actually better for draft. Thoughts?

I am still trying to locate a reputable chimney sweep to do an inspection, & have other projects going on, so am in the decision making process.

I am assuming NOW that I will need to have the chimney bay relined, since what is there has not been updated since 1940's at best.

I want to use stainless steel pipe up that flue bay part.

The biggest issue is finding 4 inch stainless steel flue pipe.

I do see that you carry it now, but previously I swear I had read on here somewhere where there was install info on using 6 inch stainless flue pipe, but cannot find it now.

Will having a 6 inch stainless flue up the masonry chimney (15+ feet) cause an issue with draft? And if no, can you provide additional info? All I could find was something about 6 inch inside diameter of clay liner-but nothing on stainless steel, and I am not comfortable without splitting hairs to see if there would be a difference, & why...

Right now, I do not want a wood stove that is too big btu-wise, but I may get a larger stove in the future & move the small stove to another area when remodeling is completed.
If it is sufficient to use the 6 inch stainless flue without an issue, that would allow me to reline this chimney just once, which saves a lot of $$.

other questions:

How long is the average sardine burn time with a seasoned hardwood such as maple?
And for the little cod?

Just to note: I'm not looking to try to get an overnight burn by playing with insufficient burning practices, I'm wanting secondary heat for about 8-10 hours per day while I am up & active & shutting off the furnace & saving $$ on oil.

Also, I see the pics of many of your stoves & they are high up off the floor-like counter height--which I see most do for cook stove use.
For heating purposes I would want it closer to the floor-does using these stoves mostly for heat pose any issues for a set up on a small hearth pad closer to the floor?

I'm sure I will have more questions as I sort this all out.
Thank You for your time.

Re: Questions about Sardine & Little Cod for on land use

Here's but one resource for 4" SS chimney liner kits:

A web search brings up MANY....

The COD would be our best offering for you for the space you describe. SARDINE IMHO would be too small.

When relining with a flex SS liner, make sure to thoroughly research the issue of insulating the void between the outside of the liner pipe & the old masonry chimney. What you want to do is to keep the new chimney hot/warm and not have it be a cold tube for the exhaust gasses to pass through.

We tend to check the COD about every hour or two to see what it needs wood wise.

I think that you will find that 18" off the ground is a nice height for the stove. That way you can sit down to load wood & such.