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2007 airstream 19'

Hi, I would like to install one of your wood stoves. If I take my airstream to you, can I have you guys install it with chimney, along with shielding (basically the whole job). Or, do you have someone local that you could refer me to? Thanks.

Re: 2007 airstream 19'

We've got our hands so full building stoves that we are really not taking on installs currently. Happy to find you someone on island who could do the work for you (lot's of capable folks on Orcas)after we have a sit down and come up with a plan. Do know it's a ferry boat ride over here and I think you'd be looking at about 200$ just to get out here. They only charge one way BTW.
Cheers, A/NSW

Re: 2007 airstream 19'

Hello Pat,

I just read your post were you purchased a Little Cod wood stove. I just purchased a 1982 Airstream Excella in premo condition and I would love to put a wood stove in it, I plan to be off grid alot or boondocking throughout the states. How is the stove working out for you and is it meeting your needs, does it do a good job heating or cooking? I plan to use the stove as my primary heating through the winter. How difficult was the install?

Edith Horn