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i have the wonderful little cod insalled in my Formosa 51. Love it.
It is our only source of heat. We are a family of four living aboard in Seattle.
Recently we have had a complaint or two from neighbors.
One from our slip mate (a smoker) complaining of the smoke smell.
And now a new complaint from the boat across from us. He doesnt like the smell and says he is worried about his "brand new sails".

We have a few creosoot drips on deck from the chimney, but other than that, we see no ash.....anywhere.

Has any boat owners out there had any other complaints?



BTW....there are 4 other boats on adjacent docks with Navigator wood stoves.

Re: Help


Sorry to hear of your persnickety neighbors.

A. I can imagine smoke wafting across (on a gentle night) to the cancer stick smoking neighbor's boat and if they were a sensitive individual, I could understand their concern. How about lengthening your pipe on deck to get your exhaust up into a greater elevation?

New suit of sails neighbor....well that's just hog billy. You might divert them by discussing the ever present diesel exhaust particles that rain down over most cities (and the likely culprit soiling their canvass rather than your stove).

Nice to hear there is such a stove community down in your neighborhood! Perhaps you might all consider locating yourselves in a little pocket in the marina?

Best of luck with it and use nice dry wood to minimize your smoke. Wonder how the Idaho Energy logs are in terms of smoke output?