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Herring going nuts

Maximum setting valve doesn’t seem to be controlling the stove. I seem to be getting a free flow situation that gets out of hand every time I try to run the stove, basically rendering my stove useless. Do I need a new valve or what? Since installing the stove I have only had it run nice once.

Re: Herring going nuts


The metering valves on HERRING are very simple and robust and it would be very unlikely that they need replacing. (from our phone conversation) the cause is simply that too much fuel has been run into the burner. One needs to initially set the high fire maximum flow valve before running the stove. Please follow the explicit instructions from the manual step by step. If one does this and makes small flow adjustments, you will gain an understanding of how to best regulate your stove. HERRING is an absolutely simple stove and its operation requires subtle adjustments. A/NSW