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Removable Chimney for Traveling?


We are building a Tiny House on Wheels. An 8’x24’ house on a trailer. Total height is 12’. We plan to travel with it similar to an RV. Our goal is to be off the grid and would like to heat with wood. We were impressed with the Sardine for many reasons.

Owing to width restrictions we cannot build the chimney outside the tiny house. We need to go thru the roof.

Problem is…we have a gable roof. From documentation on the Sardine and research we’ve done about woodstoves in general, the chimney needs to be at least 3’ above the roof and 2’ above the highest point within 10’. This would put the chimney top at 14’ which is 6 inches higher than the maximum legal highway height of 13.5’.

Here are our questions:

1. Is it possible to remove the chimney for traveling?
2. Is it safe? Does removal affect the integrity of the chimney?

Much appreciated!

Sabina and James

Re: Removable Chimney for Traveling?


No big deal....simply set up your insulated pipe to have the fixed section terminate just above your metal roof flashing/rubber boot(for metal roof). Then use an appropriate "detachable" extra length above this point to suit your roof. A big plumber's test cap can be used to seal the end of the fixed short pipe when traveling. Insulated pipe twist locks together and creates a solid joint that can be connected/disconnected. A/NSW

Re: Removable Chimney for Traveling?

Thank you A/NSW!
We are very pleased and will order our Sardine soon.

J & S