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Blower with cylinder around chimney


I was thinking about how to install a blower on one of these great little stoves to direct hot air from the chimney to other parts of a boat through ducting.

Do you think a custom-made cylinder through which the chimney passes would trap enough heat that a blower attached to cylinder housing could extract the hot air and force it down the ducting?

It's a nice thought.

I could be a nice accessory to sell as well.


Re: Blower with cylinder around chimney

Never hurts to experiment......

Re: Blower with cylinder around chimney

I have a Little Cod in the forepeak of my 33ft cutter. Installed a low power draw 12v fan that blows hot air back into the main saloon. Works well. Swivels and serves as a cooling fan during hot weather. Need to be sure don't create low pressure zone and draw CO from stove. B

Re: Blower with cylinder around chimney

I installed the lil cod in my formosa 51'. I took an SS double hot water coil from an antarctic and installed it in the lil cod also. I run water through the stove to three heater fans through out the boat. Water temps stay around 90 degrees. I have a 5" galvanized stove pipe wrapped around the 4" SS chimney pipe. The shroud is about 36" long and is ducted to one of the heater fans. Hot air from the pipe is blown threw the heater fan into a lower cabin......nice!

Re: Blower with cylinder around chimney

Do you have pics of this? Love the sound of it. Assumed the cod was a Little small for such purposes.