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Red Halibut

I finally made it back home and unpack my Red Halibut. I wanted to post my thoughts so all could share. First off I want to thank Andrew for his persistence in getting the stove done. The process was lengthy but as Andrew said on his web site, what is a year to wait for something that will last more than a lifetime. I opted for the Red porcelain which was a bit pricey but well worth it to me. Overall the stove has exceeded my expectations. I do not know what the old red porcelain would have looked like but the new darker red looks really classy. It is kind of a brick red or maroon which blends nicely with the brass and bronze sea rail and hinges. It is a great way to have a red stove and not have it look like a fire plug. In my opinion the craftsmanship is outstanding and the stove is the perfect size (physically) for my 32ft LOD wooden Gaff Cutter. After I install the stove I will post again about it's heating ability. Again, I want to thank Andrew for his efforts and for providing such a timeless product in such a disposable world. It was a pleasure working with him and I look froward to future exchanges as I order the parts for the chimney, etc.

Dennis Alston
Homer Alaska