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wont be able to side-load

I am looking at placing Little Cod exactly where my existing alcohol stove is now. It will fit perfect with one exception: i won't be ale to use the side door for loading/cleaning. I see a similar installation on our photo gallery and wonder if this is just a minor issue. In other words, can I top-load and clean reasonably easy through the top openings? Any thoughts?

Re: wont be able to side-load


I ONLY clean out the stove via the top coverplates and never through the door even with plenty of door access.
Just works out better for me. Wood load wise, top loading is no big deal but you will be limited to shorter chunks and will not be able to take advantage of COD's ability to swallow an 11" piece. Chunks may make better sense for stowage on a boat anyway so perhaps not a big loss to begin with?