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looking for more info on your stoves

Hi, im just wondering are these stoves legal to use?
can i get insurance if i use one of your stoves? (little cod). is it CSA, ULC or ITS certified?
does it have a plate on the back telling you the installation tolerances from the wall. Can you install this stove in an RV, Travel Trailer or Motorhome legally?

I have looked for this information for a week now but i could only find that people are passing word of mouth about your stoves. i did find that the minimum distance of chimney must be at least 24" on this forum. I tried to call but didnt get an answer.

Re: looking for more info on your stoves


If we are out of the office, please leave your number & we can ring you back. Email works all the time but have not seen a call or mail come through from a "Kris".

First line of info gathering would be to check our online installation manual which answers the majority of your questions.

For the record, SARDINE & COD are EPA & Washington State Emission Certified. They are not CSA or UL listed and as a result we have defaulted to NFPA clearance to combustibles standards. Yes, we have a very nice etched stainless plate on the stoves with use & installation information.

Its always best to check with your particular insurer to see what they require in terms of listings or certifications.

Look forward to discussing your project, Andrew Moore