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Airstream Trailer

We just came across this site and were wondering if this would be a good adition to our trailer. We have a 1977 Airstream Argosy and have just gutted it. We are trying to decide on how to heat it. The interior is 20 feet long and 7 feet wide. I was think that maybe the Sardine might work. Any thoughts?

Re: Airstream Trailer

we are restoring a 1948 Spartan Royal Mansion, aluminum travel trailer and will be installing the Sardine.
after much research, i think it's the best option for the small space, and also a good choice for a nice dry heat....we all know about moisture in Aluminum skinned trailers:) have fun!

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Re: Airstream Trailer

hello! have a 48 westcraft and am getting a sardine so would love to hear some specs of your installation ideas! i am not restoring mine, but am concerned of the small space, 15"x24". all ideas welcome.

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