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Cooking on the COD?

So i've read through your website, and found some cooking specifications for the alcohol drop in item, but i haven't seen much detail regarding cooking with wood.

I'm thinking about replacing my CNG 3-burner stove/oven in my 36' Islander fiberglass sailboat with either the COD or the Halibut (i don't do much oven cooking right now, but i hate to be limited)... however, what i DO do EVERYDAY is percolate coffee... life would end without it... seriously!

let's say i get the fire cranking in the morning... any thoughts on how long will i be waiting for my percolator (ss 8 cup model) to boil on the COD vs on the Halibut?

Re: Cooking on the COD?

I cook exensively on the Cod. My wife and I worry about carbon monoxide, so when we use stovetops, we have to open up to keep fresh air circulating. This STINKS on cold winter days! :)

So, we have learned to prepare almost all our meals on the free, hot Little Cod cooktop (free since it's running to heat us anyway). It couldn't be better.

I don't know the difference between the Halibut and the Cod, but I can tell you that from the moment you get the Cod started and cranking (up to temperature), you will wait probably 5-10mins depending on how hot your fire is.