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Thought it might be nice to post this email NAVIGATOR recently received from a HALIBUT user. For reference, the last week of Jan.'07 is the timeframe & the location is Narragansett Bay.

"Hi Andrew - well, I have spent the past week at the boat and am fast making friends with the stove. It has performed really well, both in heating the boat and as a cookstove. I still have a few things to learn about the pace of a coal stove (slow) vs wood (fast). I have not had trouble getting the stove to come back up in the morning - just go slow. "R" is a really big forty footer, and this is probably about the maximum for the stove, although the ceiling is only partially in and when the interior is finished it will retain heat better (and as it goes, I will learn how to get more out of the stove). I cut the front out of the ash pan, except for about 3/4" at each corner, and that improves the draft. Also swapped two of the legs, which now fit much better. the stove is not yet bolted down, as I wanted to be sure of the position, and I have only temporary heat shields, but have experienced no problems. I will finish the shields over the next month or so. The angle of the pipe is such that the overhead only gets warm. What is the glass, just in case I need to replace it at some time? I'll keep you posted and send more pictures as things get finished up. I think you have a really great product! Rick"