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High Temperature Stove Paint

Navigator is currently investigating high temp. stove paint. Porcelain coatings are lush and worth every penny if the pennies are there to spend. As an alternative, please have a look at the following webpage to see the range of available colors:

After you have had a look, please post your favorite color. This would be very helpful as we are going to order a few gallons of paint and want to order the ones people are likely to want!

User feedback would also be welcomed. How has this type of paint held up over time, etc.

Cheers, Navigator Stoves

Re: High Temperature Stove Paint

Well folks, I have to tell you that applying HT stove paint is not someting you'd want to do too frequently. I bet by the smell of this stuff that it really does its job well, but guess what, Navigator is regretably going to pass on this one. One would have to invest in a very efficient spray booth to deal with these paints. We simply brushed-on a flat black to two COD stoves with a good respirator and still felt that we'd slammed our lungs with some scary stuff. I've done a bunch of polyester & fiberglass boat work before taking ample precautions and am generally a fan of potent solvent based paints, but I keep hearing voices in my head saying, "don't use this stuff you will be sorry"! It really is a matter of knowing that you will be exposed to the paint several times a week that gives one pause. Also, then, when the customer gets the painted stove, their first fires will produce "offgassing" that's none too healthy. This is not how one should start off their experience of a least not one that we will make you. So sorry if we jumped the gun and got you excited about a cost saving alternative. The basic non toxic stove polish which we normally use on our stoves is certainly not permanent like porcelain but it will not harm either of us in the process as I feel these paints may in the long term.
Once again, porcelain & cast iron are an amazing combination not to be equalled!

Cheers, NSW