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hi out there
i have just recently found out about the little tiny sardine stove and have become copletely intrigued. i live in a very small space in the northeast that is unheated. i do have electricity, and last winter used an electric heater. i am looking for an alternative and love woodstove heat. so basically, iam curious bout residential installation. i am wondering if anyone has any information.
thanks for your time

Re: sardine


Glad you found our stoves. I'm happy to answer your questions....but I'm only the guy building & sending these great little stoves all over the world. Perhaps you want a little perspective from someone else? I'll lay back and see if someone comes to your aid. If not, give a ring/email and I can pass-on the experiences folks have had with this stove on land.

Cheers, AEM

Re: sardine

Hi i have been looking at the sardine, what i see i like. i have a small building (100)sq ft on bear lake. i am looking for info on how to install the vent pipe.