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navigator stove for small on-land structure?

In response to: "Greetings from Texas".


All our stoves work well on land using smaller than normal wood which in many cases you will not need to split (although you will likely want to have a hatchet around for making some kindling?) Wood size of 8-10" x 4x4 for COD stove is good which heats up to about 300 insulated square feet & SARDINE would be good for about 150 ft. using wood 6" long x 4x4. When you discuss the stove with a big firebox and no splitting needed, please don't forget that you are planning a small space & that frequently people install too big a stove & cook themselves out of the space.

The Drop in burner is designed for use during warm weather so you can use the stove's top surface w/o
making a wood fire. Have not tried making alcohol as yet but with a little practice you might produce acceptable results? Might be a fun experiment?

{I'm plannning buy some land and build a very small house that will be off the grid and self sufficient.
I'm looking for a small stove that will work for heating a small space and simple cooking.
One of the stoves I'm looking at, says it has a large fire box so it can accept wood that hasn't been split. This is important to me as I'm planning to burn small trees that have been thinned from the forest and cut to length, rather than split wood.

Would this work for your stove?

I like that you have an alcohol burner drop in. I'm assuming I would be able to produce my own alchol to use in it.

Any comments?


Re: navigator stove for small on-land structure?

I'm just across the water from you on the peninsula. I've been reading your installation manual for land based use. I'm building a stand-alone office (10x 12') and am wondering, the land use clearances are rather large when compared to boat installations...

Am I reading this correctly?

I'd much rather have it hugging a wall than taking up the middle of the room.

Your smallest model looks like it may be a good solution (lots of wood out here and 120 sqft of office space), but I'd appreciate any clarification you may have to offer.

So far, your stoves seem to be one of the best made (avoiding metal burn outs, air tight, etc.) and designed for compact areas.