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new stove discussion forum

hello stove folks. thought adding this discussion forum to the website might be an interesting way to promote "stove culture". curious to see what happens?

Re: new stove discussion forum

Sounds like a hot topic, Andrew
Trust all is well

Re: new stove discussion forum

Greetings from Texas,

I'm plannning buy some land and build a very small house that will be off the grid and self sufficient.

I'm looking for a small stove that will work for heating a small space and simple cooking.

One of the stoves I'm looking at, says it has a large fire box so it can accept wood that hasn't been split. This is important to me as I'm planning to burn small trees that have been thinned from the forest and cut to length, rather than split wood.

Would this work for your stove?

I like that you have an alcohol burner drop in. I'm assuming I would be able to produce my own alchol to use in it.

Any comments?