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Unreleased CHIC song !

Nile Rodgers was in Paris this afternoon preparing the release of the CHIC Org. Boxset.
Warner France invited me and I have heard amazing gems guys !
There will be 4 Johnny Mathis and a fantastic unrealesed track of Fonzi Thornton.
AND, absolutely incredible a complete new formidable track JUST CALL ME of CHIC recorded after the 1983 LP Believer.
It's not a second hand CHIC song but a real "should have been a hit" (as said Nile Rodgers) with Luci Martin on lead vocals grooving like you never heard.
Nile & Nard wanted to give more chance to Luci as lead vocals.
Guys you will not believe your ears when you're listen to that !
I just can't wait the release of the Box on Oct. 18

Re: Unreleased CHIC song !


Keep the information coming about the new Box Set. Want lots and lots of unreleased tracks please!!!!

Re: Unreleased CHIC song !

Re: Unreleased CHIC song !

Warner told us it was time to make some buzz about the release of the CHIC BoxSet and his gems.
Several Music magazines were present during the audition and they had the complete track list in hands.
It's no more time for secret.
I have NOT published a sample of this incredible track and will not of course !!!!