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CHIC Org. Box Set released by Warner France / Rhino (oct 2010 ?)

I met the Warner France team which gonna release the CHIC Org. Box : they all are CHIC fans !
They work hard to get the box ready for the CHIC tour in France in October. Maybe there will be a new CHIC Best of CD too.

Nile Rodgers said : "Nard would love the karmic irony-FRANCE is releasing CHIC BoxSet-He named our group CHIC because in AMERICA it sounded cool"

Re: CHIC Org. Box Set released by Warner France / Rhino (oct 2010 ?)

Pre-sell are open on AMAZON.FR

Re: CHIC Org. Box Set released by Warner France / Rhino (oct 2010 ?)

All big fans of CHIC ORGANIZATION are very happy with the release of the incredible CHIC ORGANIZATION BOXSET VOL. 1, but I have some questions:
01) In the video where BOXSET is presented by NILE RODGERS, he speaks of the songs already known to be included in the original form in which they were recorded, no fade-out (longer versions), I hope he is talking about "Est-ce Que C'est Chic", "Chic Cheer", "Le Freak", "Savoir Faire", "Happy Man", "At Last I Am Free", "He's The Greatest Dancer", "We Are Family", "Good Times", "My Feet Keep Dancing", "Spacer", "Got To Love Somebody", "Rebels Are We", "Chip Off The Old Block", "Stage Fright", "Burn Hard", "Hangin'" and "You Are Beautiful", this detail would be very important because we would have these songs on other products.
02) NORMA JEAN - Sorcerer (12" Mix Version): This is the version (7 minutes and 20 seconds) that appears on the NORMA JEAN CD of 2000 with bonus, or is the long version and rare (5 minutes and 54 seconds) of 1978?, I don't know.
03) CHIC - My Forbidden Lover (12" Mix Version): first time on CD into a product of CHIC ORGANIZATION, had already been released in a compilation of different bands.
04) SISTER SLEDGE - Reach Your Peak (12" Mix Version): the first time in CD format, this version is 31 seconds more than the album version.
05) FONZI THORNTON - I Work For A Living (NILE RODGERS Long Version) (Previously Unreleased): this version was made by NILE in 2010 or is the original album version with almost seven minutes?, I don't know.
06) TEDDY PENDERGRASS - Dream Girl (NILE RODGERS Remix Version) (Previously Unreleased): This remix was done by NILE in 2010 or at the time the song was recorded (1981 and 1982)?, I don't know.
07) FONZI THORNTON found 16 demos (JOHNNY MATHIS, FONZI THORNTON, SISTER SLEDGE, DIANA ROSS, other) in 2005, NILE would put at least SISTER SLEDGE demos or DIANA ROSS demos, because in my opinion the albums "I Love My Lady" of JOHNNY MATHIS and "Frostbie" of FONZI THORNTON will be released in 2011 commemorating the 30th anniversary of the recording of both and will have many bonus tracks (demos, alternate mixes, extended versions, instrumental versions), this is my intuition.
08) NILE could have put the song "Riding", this appears in a small and barely audible portion of the movie "SOUP FOR ONE", we always had great curiosity about this song.
09) NILE also could put some of these versions:
* CHIC - Sao Paulo (Alternate Mix Version)
* CHIC - I Want Your Love (Promo Mix Version) (10 minutes and 50 seconds)
* CHIC - Good Times (Alternate Mix Version)
* SHEILA & B. DEVOTION - Your Love Is Good (12" US Remix Version)
* DEBBIE HARRY - Inner City Spillover (Extended Version)
* DEBBIE HARRY - The Jam Was Moving (Extended Version)
* CHIC - Soup For One (a Slower Version of the Beginning of the Movie)
* CHIC - Why (Short Instrumental Version)
* CHIC - Why (Extended Instrumental Version)
10) NILE also could put any song of CHIC ORGANIZATION on the demo version.
I will always be a "Happy Man", I hope that NILE RODGERS also works for the joy of all the fans in the world in two products: CHIC LAS VEGAS 1979 LIVE CD and ALPHABET CITY 1984 SOUNDTRACK.

Re: CHIC Org. Box Set released by Warner France / Rhino (oct 2010 ?)

In a small video on Rhino facebook Nile talks about and shows the box.

Am I right to make up out of his words that the known tracks go on longer without the usual fade-outs?

just curious !

thank you

Re: CHIC Org. Box Set released by Warner France / Rhino (oct 2010 ?)

here'sthe link for that

Re: CHIC Org. Box Set released by Warner France / Rhino (oct 2010 ?)

Just heared the Chic Boxset. It's a piece of Heaven. Perfectly remixed by Dimitri and loving the unreleased songs. Brings back so many good memories.

Re: CHIC Org. Box Set released by Warner France / Rhino (oct 2010 ?)

Ordered mine , waiting ..............

did anybody heard or saw the extra online content allready that come with a link ??

(don't know the excact name for that ....)