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NILE talks about CHIC ORGANIZATION BOXSET Vol. 1 on Twitter (we'll always be "Happy Men")

We'll always be "Happy Men":

The God NILE RODGERS speaks on his Twitter (end of June until today) about CHIC ORGANIZATION BOXSET Vol. 1:

01) @TheeRealFDHC Hey Felix, today's the 1st day I'll get a chance to listen to CHIC Org Lost (now Found) outtakes-Hit...

02) Today we found the last of The Lost CHIC Org's Tapes-BoxSet HERE WE COME! I am the happiest man alive.

03) I found the demos for Alphabet City-Including them in the BoxSet will show the CHIC writing process...

04) @harryallen hey Harry-yes Brother it's the BoxSet-And it's a big one-Outtakes-Funkydance tracks that we ran from because of politics

05) @harryallen Yes the original in 12' form the way they were written-We were a breakdown band, some songs are 8:30 minutes or more

06) @harryallen I am writing the liners to put the whole project in context-So you will understand demos and how they turned into Diana Ross etc

07) @QtipTheAbstract Hey Tip-I have all my CHIC Organization Masters-Tons of joints you've not heard-Stay strong see you soon

08) @harryallen Volume:1 is around 40

09) Somebody asked if the CHIC Org Box was coming out on vinyl-YES! I always cut my owm records to VINYL

10) @waxromeo Correcto!-I co-wrote "I Work For A Living" w/Bernard-Outtakes and remixes will come out on the CHIC BoxSet.

11) This sort of thing's what I've found when listening to CHIC Boxset Masters-Many songs had innovative workarounds-...

12) @TheeRealFDHC Hey man, I'm going to send you a list of the 40 CHIC Org Box cuts-Let me know if there's something you want to work on?

13) My engineer Rich listening to unreleased CHIC Org song-He said, "****! You guys are some rhythm playing MF's."

14) @DimitriParis Hey Dimitri, I'm working on Fonzi Thronton's "I Work For A Living" alternate take-SMOKIN!!!!!

15) @JalilaL Thank you-I've been working day and night on 40 Song CHIC box

16) @DimitriParis Hey Dimitri, I'm finishing a lost CHIC cut soon-It's great for me to just listen to the band PLAY THIS STUFF!

17) Working on Classic CHIC Box Set day & night-Getting NO SLEEP, but I feel blessed to have life!

18) CHIC Alternate version of "Good Times" Mulitrack Reel

19) Lost In Music-Exactly how I feel working on CHIC Box-I've found 99% of everything I've ever recorded!

20) @HEYJELLYBEAN Hey JB, I'm going w/40 songs in Vol: 1-So much music-We LIVED in the studio

21) CHIC outtakes-We cut Sister Sledge & CHIC simultaneously! "Time is money and the money is mine" ~Madonna Ciccone

22) DimitriParis I'll check for I Want Your Love outtakes-I dreamt that song and took the charts to the studio completed

23) @DimitriParis BTW-All outttakes our mostly intrumentals

24) A journalist asked me, "Is The CHIC Box gonna sound dated?" "ABSOLUTELY!" I said.

25) Listening to Diana Ross outtakes-Have no idea where we were going in this pic, but these tracks sound as crazy as...

26) @sinbadbad Hey my brother-40 song CHIC Org Box coming soon-Lost tracks and instrumentals-Diana-Sledge-Teddy-Blondie & more

27) @brendandawes Thanks for that! Putting together some "new" old stuff-One song CHIC plays as a funk trio w/vocals

28) @DimitriParis I just heard about all off the Sheila outtakes and all of the alternate guitar solos that I'd forgotten