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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Temporary spinal stimulator trial gone WAY wrong

January 17, 2019 I went in to have a temporary spinal stimulator put in. I woke up screaming and couldn’t stop there was a pain in my right thigh as if someone was actively stabbing me with an ice pick the doctor looked terrified. They pumped me full of meds and sent me home saying I should feel better in a couple of days. As the meds wore off I realized that i could not feel my right foot or what i felt was pins and needles. I also realized that I had no sensation from just below my bellybutton all the way around to my tail bone (I didn’t know I needed to urinate until my bladder was uncomfortably full and the only way I can dedicate is to push and push hoping it will work) it has been 4 months and the pain has lessened but still itches and burns mostly in the morning, some but not all of the feeing in my lady parts has return although I still dont know when i need the bathroom. No one has ever brought up this syndrome but in reading about it I was alarmed.
I did have a nerve conduction study but does this have to be something they are specifically looking for?
The last MRI I had was 2 days after the proceedure when the pain was so unbearable I ended up in the ER and at that time the were looking for a hematoma.
Thank you for any help or answers you may have and yes I know you are not doctor but at the moment I dont really trust doctors