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CESSG Questions & Answers
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Question about ces

Wondering if ces can present without severe pain? Had a bad pain in high low back that radiated into hip on one side and then down some leg but pain has decreased but I am experiencing pins and needles on bottom of both feet and in genital/butt region and back and inside of both thighs that is constant and intensified but the pain in my leg has eased off and is only bad on the lowest part of my lower back. I feel some lessened sensation as well in my genital/butt area and am not sure if I should be concerned enough to see a dr or wait it out and hope it goes away... my initial pain was really bad but has lessened it’s been about eight days, 7 days straight of bad constant pins and needles in my groin, butt, back of thighs, bottom of both feet

Re: Question about ces

I'm sorry to hear of your concerns about pain and numbness. None of us are doctors so you have to take what we say with a grain of salt if we make the mistake of trying to diagnose a medical problem.

I'm a long time member of this group that nobody wants to be a part of so my very best advice is that if you are still having these kind of symptoms you would be best served by seeing a neurologist who has handled CES and other back problems. The sciatic nerve can produce some of your numbness and pain so don't worry unless you are given reason to, okay?

Best of luck to you in finding answers to quiet your fears.