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CESSG Questions & Answers
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After enduring night after night with back and leg pain as well as painful muscle spasms, averaging only two or three hours of sleep at night, I have stumbled on a method that as reduced the pain and given me deeper and more hours of sleep. It is also helpful with what I call "crazy legs" where the pain from the lower back agitates the nerves so badly that it is impossible to hold the legs still. Without much hope, I dug out an old electric blanket that had been stored for over 30 years. I turned it on about 30 minutes before bedtime so the bed was warm when I climbed in and woke the next morning without having had any muscle spasms in the legs and feet. Since then it has continued to lessen the pain and give me added hours of sleep. I won't pretend that it is a miracle, that everyone will experience the same relief or have added hours of sleep but ever since this disease became my constant companion, I have tried to pass along anything that lessens its painful grip on our bodies. I think this is an especially useful tool in cool to cold weather as often chilled feet and legs will bring on truly weird foot cramps that contort the foot and cause us to hit the floor out of a sound sleep to seek relief. Wool socks or knee socks are also helpful during the day, some even find it helpful to wear them to bed. For me, it is almost an axiom that cold feet equal painful foot cramping. Ignore the crazy legs and foot cramping and upper thigh muscles become just as agitated, resulting in agonizing upper thigh muscle spasms. If any of this sounds familiar, perhaps an electric blanket or the cheaper electric mattress topper will provide some relief and remove the dread of another painful night with too few hours of restful sleep.

Hope this might help some of you get through the winter months with less pain and more sleep.

Best wishes to all for a wonderful holiday season