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CESSG Questions & Answers

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CESSG Questions & Answers
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please help I strongly believe I have ces in the past year I have almost died twice during which the pain was so bad when I would cough or move fast my legs would drop out from under me I am now starting the process over again and I don't have the strength to make it 2000 I injured myself l5-s1 had fusion in 2002 pain got worse refusion with rods in 2004 pain got even worse I have avoided surgern since now my family dr demanded I have mri and it shows tears and bulges next 2 levels up. my wife and I started researching and discovered ces in the past year my vision has been greatly reduced,what was some problem going to the restroom has become im lucky if I get to toilet in time and I am in and out of loosing control of my legs I live in northern wi and I have called everywhere and no one has heard of ces I believe myself I am in an emergency situation but no one seems to care I am only 44 years old and I feel 90.I am ready to drive to someone who knows about ces. please please please respond with places as close to nw wi as possible

Re: ces

Did you find anyone in Northern Wisconsin? I also live in Wisconsin and was diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome in 2013. Unfortunately they didn’t get to it fast enough, I had surgery to decompress the nerve roots but I live with the paralysis that was caused from it. I had my surgery at Froedert Hospital in Milwaukee. I hope all is well with you